terrextra implements some projects regarding environment and animalhelp in and around zipolite oaxaca mexico. since 2006 we did start following projects, which we finance by ourselves. we would appriciate a small donation, to do some more work, there is still much to do. your donation will be used 100% for the indicated project, without admin. fees or any payment for ourselves. it's all voluntary.


- collecting used batteries (since 05/2006 - approx 1'250kg, approx. 25'000 pcs.)

- collecting trash at the beach (since 11/2006 - approx. 5'900kg)

- pet bottles (since 12/2007 - approx. 1'500'000 pcs, approx 45 tons)

- rabies shots dogs and cats (since 03/2007 - 1514 shots)

- spay and neuter

- animal care

- cultivate and plant native tropical trees

- statistics


but the most important thing is that you give the best for our mother earth and that this enters in your consciousness and you live it.

remember: we don't have any financial or personal benefit, it's all voluntary

if you, your friends or your family want to help (click)