jerry's life celebration  by mari tonin

Hola Amigos

Last night we celebrated Jerry's life in grand style. Oh what funnnnnnnn!!!! Pictures later. Today (28.7.2013) we are having a fundraiser for the TerreXtra foundation to support Jerry's beloved dog Oso Polar and all his animal friends in need. It's being held at Nice Place on the Beach at 5:00 p.m. Now I know you won't be able to fly here in time, but please check out the website. The foundation is run by Tintin, a wonderful man who loves animals and organizes vaccination and spay/neuter clinics, plus so much more. He is now taking care of Oso as Jerry had requested. If you are thinking about donating to a charity in Jerry's name - THIS IS THE ONE! Please help support Oso and his amigos.